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Eliza Walters

"Hi :-)
I met you all at Salon Melbourne.
I am just writing to say how incredibly impressed
I am with all the help I received from you all.
Those were incredibly stressful days for you all I'm
sure, but not once did any of you show it.
I'm so excited to get started.
I also can't wait for the credit card and I to stop
crying so we can afford to get those amazing purple
shirts and mitts!

Thank you so very much indeed!


Shae Waldron

I had a great time thank you Andrea!


Back To Beauty

Thanks Andrea, your a wonderful trainer :)
It was great to refresh my memory and
come away with new techniques.

Fabulashes -
Affordable eyelash extensions

Hello from your newest liker.
We love love love the 2hour Indigo
violet based solution! Beautiful deep
colour after 2 hours..great job Solaire!

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Rachel Coomber

Andrea you have done an amazing
job of your range of Mediterranean!  
ALL my clients LOVE it,
Thank you from
Kustom Spray Tanning &
Kustom Nails & Beauty


Renee Hayes

The new voilet based tans are          

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Chrissy Roberts

Hi, Just thought I would leave some
feedback about 'Burgundy 12.5%'
violet based tan. I trialled this 2day
and the colour is such a beautiful
natural brown. I left it on for approx
4hrs and I am very happy with how
its turned out. Can't wait to use on
my clients as I'm sure they will love  
it just as much as I do.
Thank you for making such
fantastic products!!

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Bobi-lee Janout

Thanks Solaire for being so efficient!
I'm in NZ and got my shipment on
my doorstep 2 days after ordering it.
So glad to be dealing with a company
that Doesn't muck around.
Bobi from Juicy.Spraytanz

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Tina Dell-Finn

GUYS! I only ordered Wednesday,..& I just had the parcel man at my door. Talk about super efficient service! ♥ !

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Melissa's Beauty &
Tanning Room

Violet based tans are THE BEST!

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Tracey Hughes

Hi im Tracey from Tru Beauty at Lakeside. I have been spray tanning for over 3 years now,
and have tried so many products.
I have to say that im LOVIN solaire.......recieved my 3rd bottle today of the impact colour,
but also recieved a sample of the 2hr violet base? i will be trying tomorrow,and im sure i will be
ordering that also this week:) what a fantasic product and everytime i call or order i get wonderful service!!!!

Teyarna Mayne
(On Solaire Amethyst)

THIS IS MY FAVE !!! i only stock this tan now :)

Mademoiselle Beauty

We love Mediterranean Tan!

Fawn Brady

Since using solaire violet based tan the amount of glowing reviews on my business page be brown spray tanning is amazing! Thankyou guys keep doing what your doing! Love one very satisfied customer! Xxx


Tracey Kelly

My new order has arrived !!!!
woo hoo.
Thank you Mel or getting this to me extra fast.
Can't wait to try the RAPID TAN
xx Tracey Kelly from Midnight Tan

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Back to Beauty
on Solaire Amethyst

It's awesome! My clients love it!
It smells great too!

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Fawn Brady

Best tan I have ever used!!!!
I love it!!! You guys are amazing!!!

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Back to Beauty

I'm using the Amethyst at the          
moment and my Tanaholics
are loving it. It's dark,
it also smells fabulous!!

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Tina Dell-Finn

Solaire...where have you been
all my spray-tanning-life ?!
♥ I was pretty set on
a particular brand being
"THE ONE" for me,
& a majority of my clients.
Insisted I would NEVER change.
Your brand has won me over,...
& already 5 of my regular clients !
I trialled them over the w/e
and asked the girls to text me
with honest feedback.
They all looked so amazingly
naturally tanned !!!
They are all switching to your brand.
So, ..I better move it
& place an order!!!
♥ One happy shopper!!!!

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Melissa Brooker Jones

LOVE LOVE LOVING the new Burgundy

/edit/testimonials/PINK BIKINI1.JPG

Natasja Dumbleton

I have recently started using the
Solaire brand of spray tan and
I am in love!! Every other brand
out there promises
"no stickiness and no smell",
well I have finally found one that
delivers what it promises.
Thank you for such a great product.
I will certainly be a regular
customer for my home salon.

Tina Dell-Finn

Totally agree! I am pretty impressed,
as are the first two of my clients that
have trialled this for me!

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Nat Scicluna

Recently purchased the moisturiser
through skye McIntyre
and I absolutely love it!!'
love the fragrance and
non greasy texture!!
Will be back for more

Angela Zander

To all you Kiwis considering
Solaire I placed an order for samples
yesterday & they arrived
at 9.30 this morning!!!!
Thank you Solaire you rock!!
Right time to play :-)


Jessie Hutchins

I use either lavender, or
Mediterranean Light, for brides.
Lavender for those who are
very fair, Med light for those
that have a warmer skin tone.
Every single wedding trial I've
ever done with these colours,
have ALWAYS booked for the
actual wedding. Highly recommend :)

Luke Hughes

Love the violet tans, my bf matt
sprayed me with a sample of
the 2 hour dark violet you sent
him and its amazing! hope im a
lucky number ;)


Skye McIntyre

Thank you guys for the
super service and express delivery.
Order was on my door step when
I woke this morning.
I am a very happy girl xoxo

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Alex Grahame

Hi Melissa
Thanks so much for responding
to me........
I've ordered some more violet base.
I find the violet base amazing -
I was drawn to this by Tuscan tan
after seeing the most amazing natural
colour with violet but hunted around
for another company that used violet
base but could be darker and you
guys were it. I tried your
Mediterranean and fell in
love as no green patches under the
arms or anywhere for that matter,
not orange, but completely natural
and really dark - my clients will not
use any other brand now so just
wanted to give you that feedback.
Love love love the violet base!!
Thanks again
Your happy customer - Alex :)

Caroline Makin

so happy when the
driver arrived with my order today!
so excited with all of the new products
especially the pre and post
Mediterranean range. they smell
delicious! thanks for also including
the samples of tans.
can't wait to try them all out!


Jasmine Smith

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with Solaire's customer service and ordering system. I spoke with the lovely Adam over the phone on monday and he set up my account straight away and then i placed my order online late monday night, it was so simple! All of my stock arrived today, at least 2 business days earlier than expected which was such a nice surprise! Thanks so much guys, can't wait to start tanning :) "

Natasha Smits

Solaire. love it.

Melissa Brooker Jones

Yay for Solaire remaining at it's fantastic low price!!! :)


Aussie Babes Spray Tanning

♥ you guys always so helpful :)


Honey Mobile & Studio Spray Tans

Loving our Solaire solutions :) and so are our clients!


Renee King

I love the product and I am one of your customers who recommends it everytime


Cocoa And Cream Brisbane

cocoa and cream loves solaire! our fav is the black, indigo and lavender. keep producing amazing products!

Caroline Makin

This week I have dealt with both Adam and Andrea from Solaire. I have found them so professional and helpful. It is great to see a business that believes it great customer service. I know I won't hesitate to deal with Solaire, they are fabulous !
Looking forward to placing my next order

Becc Inglis

Just opened the Solaire retail range.. They smell AHMAZING!
Can't wait to have a play :)

/edit/testimonials/BODY BUILDER1.JPG


Kristie-Ann Neate

Hi guys, just have to say so far I'm VERY impressed with the Hempz Couture line. I've only tried the Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner so far, but wow, I can honestly say, with all the high end products I've used from Salons, this has definitely got to be the best.
First off, they smelt amazing (my partner even commented on how amazing my hair smelt).
My hair is also BRIGHT pink, so I knew using it on my hair would be the ultimate test. And although pink still ran through the water slightly (which obviously can't be helped no matter what I use) it was definitely a lot less than usual. Usually my water is running bright pink, and with this is was a very light baby pink. When I dried my hair, there was only almost no residue of pink on my towel, which I'm sure my towels are happy about, seeing as they're all pretty much pink now.
Also after my hair was dry, it was so shiny and such a nice bright colour, you would of thought I'd just had my hair dyed at the hairdressers. With the amount of torture I put my hair through, it always, no matter what I use, looks dead and lifeless. No shine whatsoever, but now, it is so silky smooth and shiny.
I also put it under another 'test' of mine. I always brush my hair before I have a shower, as my hair is so knotted and tangled, and if I don't brush it, it always gets into a bigger mess. So I skipped the brush through, and as soon as I smoothed the conditioner on, the knots and tangles just dropped out. I was beyond amazed.
This product has won me over, not only for the wonderful job it did, but also because it's 100% Vegan & cruelty free.
I won't be using any other product again, and I will be recommending this to my family & friends, aswell as stocking it for my clients. I'm one very happy customer :D xox


Maurizio Mozom

Just experienced great service from solaire.....Goldtan is Reservoir is forever grateful......

/edit/testimonials/HOT BOY1.JPG


Black Diamond Spray-Tanning



Kimberly Carlton

A massive thank you to Mel who organised a whole lot of fantastic samples for me to try for my new Spray Tan business Get Gorgeous I really appreciated the customer service she went above and beyond to help me great first impression of Solaire & I look forward to trying out the colours and products and doing a lot of business with a company who cares about their customers thanks again :)

Skye McIntyre

Thank you guys for the super service and express delivery.
Order was on my door step when I woke this morning.
I am a very happy girl xoxo


Caroline Makin

so happy when the driver arrived with my order today!
so excited with all of the new products especially the pre and post Mediterranean range. they smell delicious! thanks for also including the samples of tans. can't wait to try them all out!

Keely Barron

Thanks so much for the info! Made an order yesterday and it's sitting on my door step this morning! Very impressed thanks


Mel Nelson

Would like to thank Adam for my Call today, Its my pleasure to recommend your solutions to fellow Spray Tanners!! ♥ Glamour Beauty

Rachel Coomber

"I use to use Ambersun but since you released the Dark Mediterranean tan, ALL of my tan clients have LOVED your product, plus of course i love it too, such a lovely smell, dries fast and has such a beautifully natural colour for a DARK DARK tan, i will never go back! ♥ ♥


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