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Solaire® - Tanning Mist Extractor – Booth S2000 Filter

Solaire® - Tanning Mist Extractor – Booth S2000 Filter


The Benchvent Filter comes as a set of 3 tanning mist filters for SSSTMELS2000 tanning mist extractor units. Contains 3 particle/solution filters and 3 pad filters.

Each filter will last 70-90 sprays.

Filter Size: 920x372x47mm

How Does the Filter Work?
The particulate (intake) filter is a three stage graduated fibre filter with a high 'dust' holding capacity for long life. Filtration to 5 micron particles. NB: Spray particulate sizes vary from 10 to 20 microns. The final filtration stage absorbs any residual moisture. Through the process of filtration, absorption and dilution, operator and client exposure to airborne tanning overspray is significantly reduced and surrounding area cleanliness is enhanced. These units are designed as mobile 'spray traps' to assist with cleanliness and for immediate operator and client protection from concentrations of airborne tanning solution mist.

$200.00   / or for trade or member discounts

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