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MediterraneanTan® Revolution Airbrush 0.5mm

MediterraneanTan® Revolution Airbrush 0.5mm



Made for users at all levels.

Included Features:
-Nozzle: 0.5-mm Screw In Nozzle
-Trigger Action: Dual-Action
-Spray Pattern: Fine-Line to 1-1/2 in.(38-mm)Round
-Replaceable Teflon™ Needle Packing
-Solid Ergonomic Handle
-Adjustable Main Lever Tension
-Bottle Feed
-Internal mix airbrush
-Ergonomic handle design

Standard Size: .5mm Nozzle: I 704 1, Nozzle Cap: I 702 1, Needle: I 717 1, O-Ring: I 725 1

$165.00   / or for trade or member discounts

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